A question for the rowing community:

when you see non-rowers erging with reckless abandon in the gym, do you say anything to them about improving their form? is this too self-righteous, or a service to those poor folks’ muscles?

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  2. quinsigamonster answered: silently judge them
  3. all-creatures-great-and-small answered: um actually the one time i did say something to somebody it was a boy about my age. turned out he was a novice on my team. i felt like an ass
  4. vigilant-iguana answered: I’ve actually never seen anyone on the ergs besides myself (I’m a college kid, though, so maybe it’s different at a regular gym).
  5. dreamingofthebluebox answered: I sit next to them and make it really obvious I’m doing it right haha
  6. fukkindrippin answered: let those landlubbers make themselves look like idiots
  7. atmosfere answered: no; i just let them be… but i still kills me inside.
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